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About the band

Lions of the North is Sacramento-based

founded in 2015 by best friends Gavin, Kale, and Cory when they were living in Orangevale, CA. 

"Wherever there is a need for jaunty Celtic folk music we'll be there!"

Each member of the band has a stage persona that they have each curated over the years. Get to know their colorful characters in the The Story section.

Gavin Broussard

(Rian O'Callaghan)

Lead Vocals and Bodhran

Gavin Broussard was born and raised in Weed California. He loves math and gaming, as well as the great outdoors along with his music. 

Kale Coppin

(Seamus O'Flannery)

Accordion and Vocals

Northern California Native. When not performing, Kale is a craft beer enthusiast and enjoys his daily run! He teaches piano, voice, and drums. And has also co-written and directed several musicals. 


Cory Coppin

(Liam Neeson)

Guitar and Vocals

Cory enjoys spending time with his lovely fiancee and daughter. Like his twin brother, he also enjoys brews and sports. He teaches music as well, co-writing as well as directing several musicals alongside his twin brother.

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