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The following is our band's fantastical backstory. An epic journey of three Irishmen who have each withstood the tests of time! 

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The Epic Journey

Long ago in the year 1799, a band later to be known as Lions of the North formed. Starting in their hometown of Coolaney Ireland they traveled around, playing in pubs and bars across the land. Eventually, Rian wanted to expand and take their songs to the new country of the United States of  America. After convincing Liam and Seamus, they set sail in the year 1806. Unfortunately, their journey was thrown off course when a storm struck their boat, and each one was thrown asunder, all thinking that they were the last survivors.

Liam had managed to grab ahold of some floating debris and was eventually picked up by a pirate ship. He was conscripted into the crew without a choice. He served on the ship normally for a few years. But as is the case with pirates, they stole an ancient cursed Viking treasure, which trapped Liam and his crew for more than a century. As luck would have it, he came to know a mermaid, who fell in love with him, and eventually realized that if she gave up all of her mermaid powers and nature, she could free him of his nautical curse. After he was freed and she was human, they finally made their way to the United States.

After the shipwreck, Rian awoke on the shores of a strange land of  Tir Na Nog. Over the the next five years, Rian went on fantastical adventures fighting trolls and slaying dragons, and met a faerie princess and they fell in love. However, Rian always wished to return to the mortal realm, but as an immortal fairy, the princess was unable to come with him, so they eventually parted ways. Working with on of the elves of  Tir Na Nog, Rian was able to find a portal to the North Pole. He then met with Santa Claus, and he discovered that time moves differently in Tir Na Nog, while it had only been 5 years in the mystic land, it had been over two centuries on earth. Santa unfortunately was too busy preparing for Christmas and sent him to a cave where his brother Krampus lived. Krampus gave Rian a toy boat that could become real when it touched water, Rian then set sail through the Northwest Passage around Alaska and down to California.

Seamus O'Flannery managed to catch a ride on a whale after the wreck, which took him quite far till he washed up on the shores of the Americas, In an unknown jungle to the south. He was incredibly thirsty and proceeded to go off to find something to drink. As luck would have it, he came across a spring in the ground shooting out the most refreshing water he had ever tasted. He set up his camp around the spring, and over the years, his camp turned into a house. That then grew into a brewery and pub where he used the spring water to make his beer. after around seventy years, he realized he hadn't aged a day. Turns out the spring he built his brewery on was the legendary fountain of youth. Unfortunately in the early 21st century, Seamus got a bit too drunk and accidentally broke the fountain and burned down his brewery. After that, he made his way to California because he heard they had very good beer there.


In 2015 at a pub in California, the long-lost band reunited and decided to continue where they had left off, all those centuries ago...

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